Sejuknya Ramadan (Padma Hotel Bandung Ramadan Buffet)

17 May until 11 June 2018

Count the days for the holy month of Ramadan, Padma Hotel Bandung heartens people to exult the triumphant days of Lebaran (Eid ul Fitr) with stupendous iftar buffet experience at The Restaurant namely as “Sejuknya Ramadhan” starts from the very first day of Ramadan until three days before Lebaran. A curated, inspirational, and beautiful Indonesia traditional menu to Middle Eastern inspired Ramadan experience.

Make sure to do not miss out by exploring our Ramadan Buffet at The Restaurant from 18.00 - 22:00.
RSVP now to: +62 22 203 0333

First week of Ramadhan: IDR 210,000++/ person
Second week and after: IDR 250,000++/ person
Friday: IDR. 265,000++/ person
Saturday: IDR 295,000++/ person

0 - 5 years old : Free of charge
6 – 10 years old: 50% off
Breakfasting buffet including Mineral water